Data story: Fremont Bridge bicycle traffic in 2020

On a typical day in a typical year, the Fremont Bridge in Seattle is a popular throughway for bicycle traffic. In the spring, it usually sees more than 118 riders on average every hour, with peak times at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. — the typical commute hours.

But, 2020 was anything but a typical year. I created a data visualization to show how bicycle traffic on the Fremont Bridge changed in 2020.

In my analysis, I also found some seasonal trends, which is to be expected given the changes in weather. But something that was a bit unexpected and somewhat amusing was the uptick in riders every single January followed by a downtick in February*. Is it perhaps a rise in New Year Resolutions? Who’s to say?

Take a look at the viz (click image below) and explore this data story.

Fremont Bridge Bicycle Traffic data visualization

*The only exception to this downtick was in 2015.

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